Top 10 Spring Beauty Renewal Necessities

I love top 10 lists!!  I really do. They are short and sweet and to the point.Do you like them too?


1- Get the fantastic and informative HEALING FOODS BOOK and learn healing properties of 175 foods to incorporate into your diet! Time to eat healthy!
2- Get rid of heavy serums and moisturizers and switch to lighter lotions-best selling neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense or the great Rose line for normal skin and great glow!
3- Revive and relax by the powerful scents nature has provided in the form of essential oils.
4-Scrub and slough off your dry winter skin in the shower with seaweed salt scrub or our body scrub with dead sea salt. Or try some dry brushing.
5- Toss the old make up and get some light Spring colors- Cosmetics like beautiful mineral eyeshadows, luscious organic lip glosses or new blush colors can wake up your look!
6-Stock up with NYR’s herbal remedies for spring and summer woes like burns, scrapes, bug bites and rashes.
7-Help save the Bees while you drench your skin in moisture with NYR’s super popular Bee Lovely line.
8- Consider adding vitamins and supplements your body might need. NYR has supplements, anti oxidant boost, frankincense, and Beauty Boost with none of the nasties like GMO’s, fillers, dyes or preservatives.
9- Ditch the deodorants with aluminum and get NYR’s deliciously scented safe deodorants, in beautiful classy glassy bottles that you deserve in your bathroom. Sprays and brand new roll-ons that are getting super feedback! No aluminum!
10-Consider making a FRESH START into a new part time or full time career of being in the holistic beauty and wellness industry. A simple small investment can be one of the best things you do for yourself this Spring and can really change your family’s future.


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