Dream Job/Organic Journey


I thought this was a great first post on my blog. This simple graphic sums up what I do and how I feel about a dream job. Is it fun and flexible? Yes. Do I absolutely love it? Yes. And does it earn me money, helping my family? Yes! Plus helping others-Moms like you- to try some amazing, safe and effective products you can feel great about. Or maybe to start your own organic journey by partnering with us?

Having said that WELCOME to my new blog. I encourage you to sign up for my twice a month newsletter full of green beauty tips, lifestyle tips, organic beauty, inner and outer wellness and of course Neal’s Yard Remedies products.

About me: I’ve been a lifestyle blogger on socialmoms for over 4 years now. I also blog on todaysmama for about the same time( lifestyle and travel) and I am an organic beauty entrepreneur-meaning I’m a leader and consultant with an amazing company and I run my own business-from home and mainly online. What freedom this gives me- a single mom- to be able to work around our home schedules.

I’m passionate about going greener and looking beautiful naturally. What I am not, is a “crunchy-grow your own-goat and chicken owning-canning-barefoot-baby carrying mom”. While some of those things do appeal to me, it just wasn’t my lifestyle and hey, I live on 1/4 acre on Long Island! No place for goats and cows here in my yard. What I am is a mom who strives to live more chemical free, to use safer products, to ditch the chemical exposure, buy more organic foods, work on my attitude to be a healthy and positive one and to just know that moderation is OK.

I invite you into my world, to read, to learn and not to feel overwhelmed or pressured. I share my products because I’ve been using them 4 years. My organization has hundreds and hundreds of women-from stay at home moms to estheticians, chiropractors and holistic health coaches, to full time working moms. What we have in common is a love for organic beauty and living a more green lifestyle- ANY SHADE OF GREEN is OK around here!

Want to learn more about what I do?  Go here and read about our campaigns and products.

Will you connect on my Facebook group too? I share many articles and exclusive Neal’s Yard Remedies specials. Right here 

Want to learn more about partnering with me and creating your own organic journey? You can poke around my site , see what we do and how it can be a part of your lifestyle too!


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